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CALL (760) 832-9025

Buy finasteride merck, Buy finasteride pills

Thank you for stopping by. Whether for a special occasion or casual getaway, choosing a hotel can be overwhelming at times. Reviews are helpful, however what’s perfect for one may not be so flawless for another.  Therefore without further ado, allow me to present you “Little Paradise Hotel” a true luxury, boutique hotel experience.


What you can expect on your stay

  • Undisturbed serenity, whispering water fountains, birds singing, and majestic view of mountains
  • Opulent bedding, plush robes, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout property
  • Hedonistic shower with massage jets, plush robes and top of the line amenities
  • Curved smart 4k TV sets and premium movie channels including access to Netflix, Hulu, You Tube, etc.
  • Two furnished private patios for each room
  • Central air and heating in each unit so quiet you won’t know it’s there
  • Individual well-appointed kitchens with keurig coffee maker, refrigerator, premium coffee, toaster, and teapot
  • Powerful misting system for hot sunny days, salt water heated pool, and always more lounge chairs than guests


Individualized customer service

We are only 1.4 miles away from downtown Palm Springs. We’ll be happy to call UBER for you should you not want to drive or don’t feel like walking. Besides, there are several nice restaurants within a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Please read our buy finasteride 5mg online before making reservation and check our buy finasteride cheap as they change seasonally. We are an adults only hotel.

* Amenities described are standard for all King rooms. Queen rooms slightly vary. There are never resort fees and all the food and drinks are complimentary.